Famous Dave

BBQ Bowls

Buffalo Chicken Salad Bowl

(1360-1540 cal.)
Buffalo chicken (choice of grilled or crispy), crisp greens, Bleu cheese crumbles, house-smoked cheddar cheese, tomatoes and bacon. Served with a Corn Bread Muffin.

Georgia Chopped Pork Bowl

(1280 cal.)
Georgia Pork atop down-home staples, including Southern-Style Dirty Rice, red cabbage coleslaw, fresh green onions and Georgia Mustard. Served with Corn Bread Muffin.

Texas Beef Brisket Bowl

(1110 cal.)
Texas Beef Brisket served over Garlic Red-Skin Mashed Potatoes, Collard Greens and Onion Strings with Ranch and Sassy sauce. Served with a Corn Bread Muffin.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

(175 cal.)
Perfectly balanced, complex and full-bodied.
A 2,000 calorie daily diet is used as the basis for general nutrition advice; however, individual calorie needs may vary. Written nutrition information available upon request.
Calorie counts do not include Corn Bread Muffin (260 Cal.).